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17/08/2010 // INFO Leave a comment

GGB and Boris Bikes to be united!


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Going Going Bike has registered as a user of the Boris Bikes. I suppose it is a little belated but because we cycle around town on our own two wheels we didn’t feel the need before. The attraction of a heavy, unattractive, generic cycle was not obvious.

However, over the last couple of weeks we have felt the weight of expectation from those who asked us what the bikes were like to ride and whether it was straightforward to use the system. According to the website and automated email response, we will be able to find out in three or four days time (a peculiar disengagement between the website, which said you will receive your access key within 4 working days, and the email which seemed to hedge Boris’ bets by saying the key would be sent out to me within 3 working days).

Apart from the above nit-picking, what can we report about the registration process? Contrary to many people’s experiences it worked perfectly well. The navigation and layout will be familiar to anyone who has paid the congestion charge (even us cyclists have to go by car sometimes!) and you shouldn’t have too many problems completing the details. Beware of TfL’s attempts to opt you in to their marketing blurbs (not best practice and not what we do at GGB!). In addition you might want to think beforehand about whether you want 24 hour access, 7 days access or one year access.

We hadn’t and suddenly thought that £45 for a year was a lot of money to fork out on an unproven system. I could get a perfectly decent second hand bike on Going Going Bike for under £100 and be happily riding around town at speed and in comfort. I went for the 24 hour access option.

We’ll provide further updates in due course…depending, I suppose on whether the key arrives in 4 working days or whether the post let’s me down and it is posted within 3 days but doesn’t arrive on the fourth.

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