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Redbridge Sky Ride


Skyride AN

You might not have thought that the Redbridge Sky Ride would be the best place to see some of the hottest cycling kit, and (aside from a couple of nice fixed gear bikes on show) you would have been right.

The event, which was held yesterday, is one of several Sky Ride’s taking place this year aimed at encouraging occasional cyclists onto their bicycles. Accordingly we weren’t surprised that there weren’t too many beautiful carbon fibre bikes on show.

What was lacking in quality of machine was made up for in numbers participating and their enthusiasm for the ride. The good folk of Redbridge and beyond were enticed out in large numbers onto the 14 kms road circuit by the lure of closed roads, a brightly coloured bib (but still not as bright as the latest Going Going Bike t-shirts) and an MC greeting cyclists to the “summit” of the course. The latter was decked out as if it were the top of a Tour de France mountain pass, with barriers on either side of the road (to keep the crowds off the road??) and a large banner hung above the road.

In addition to enjoying the route (headwind aside) we were pleased to catch up with the London Cycle Task Force, who were busy registering and marking people’s bicycles. Going Going Bike is committed to becoming the legitimate marketplace for second hand bicycles and so we are interested to hear their views on cycle crime and get their suggestions on what we can do to advance our Prove It system.

In addition, we had a nice chat with the guys from CTC, London Cycling Campaign and Sustrans who each had tents at the event and were handing out some bits and pieces. It was also great to bump into Ben from Cycle Lifestyle magazine. He was out and about chatting to people about his magazine and the London Cycle Map Campaign (more on that later) and was clearly being well received.  The magazine is beautifully put together and we like the cycle map idea too. Ben is clearly a man with lots of good ideas.

Hopefully those who were on the Sky Ride will want to do more and more cycling and perhaps even get themselves a new bike. We were happy to point them in the direction of Going Going Bike to buy some cycling clothing and kit or to sell their bikes online.  If you did the ride, it would be great to hear how it went for you and whether you will be at the London Sky Ride in early September. We will be.

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