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12/08/2010 // INFO 1 Comment

Motorists – Cyclists – Pedestrians


Don't cross

Cyclists complain about motorists (and vice versa). But pedestrians complain about cyclists. Sometimes with good reason!

Was cycling to meet someone yesterday and the light went red and a whole crowd of people, maybe 20, started crossing the road from both sides. Suddenly another cyclist went a full speed straight through the middle of them almost hitting this old lady. I then saw him go through a red light without looking and almost get hit by a car coming from the left.

The strangest thing was he was so unaware of his surroundings that he didn’t realise any of this and seemed to be oblivious to the chaos he was causing.

It’s behaviour like this that leads to pressure to stop shared usage of areas like on the South Bank as reported in the Evening Standard yesterday.

So if you see someone cycling like an idiot, have a gentle word before they hurt themselves or someone else.

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Kanga_Rue August 12, 2010 at 11:19 am

As someone who’s recently started commuting by cycle, I’ve only come across one rude and inconsiderate cyclist. However I’ve come across many pedestrians who fall into that category or are perhaps just oblivious.

Part of my commute goes along a shared bike & pedestrian path. I’ll happily manoever around the pedestrians whichever side of the path they are walking on, but there are many who walk in the middle of the path and even ringing my bell has no effect.

And then there are the pedestrians walking on the bike path when there is a separate foot patch. Again oblivious to my ringing bell. This then forces me into the bushes or to ride on the foot path.

Awareness needs to take place all round.


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