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12/07/2010 // INFO Leave a comment

Going Going Bike Launched – Sell your bikes and bikey stuff today


Welcome to Going Going Bike, the legitimate online market-place for all things bike.

List your bikes and bikey stuff with us today and get entered automatically into our prize draw for a fantastic cycling holiday for two in Turkey. You can list for free and everyone who lists on the site before 31 July will be entered into the competition to win this great prize. Have a look at our blog entry for futher details of our cycling holiday competition.

If you are in the market for a legitimate second hand bike or some other nice bits of bikey kit have a good look around our auctions today to see if there is something for you. We’ve also got some great retailers selling some gleeming new kit on Going Going Bike so check out their listings too if you’re after something shiny and new.

Below are a few reasons why we hope you will list your bikes with us today:

1 – We are 100% cycling focused

2 – We are doing all we can to stop bike thieves selling on our site and to tackle cycle crime

3 – There’s going to be lots of interesting cycling information and stuff on the site to entertain you 

4 – There is no listing fee AND our final value fee is only 5%

5 - Going Going Bike is simple, straightforward and secure

We are proudly launching in our Beta phase and you will notice that the site will be developing all the time. It would be great to get your feedback on what you think we are doing well and what you would like to see on Going Going Bike.

Enjoy, James and Andrew


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