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21/07/2010 // STYLE Leave a comment

Why don’t you BIKE OFF!

They’re hi-vis, mouthy and provocative…and, as it turns out, very popular. I am, of course, talking about our new t-shirts which we gave away to everyone who rocked up for some bikey fun on Tuesday for our launch party.

We just about had enough for the night but will have to reorder…particularly as we’re now receiving emails from people trying to get hold of one!

We’re pleased you like them…

19/07/2010 // STYLE Leave a comment

Bountiful Boris

No Image.

Image by watchlooksee via Flickr Chatter aplenty today about the Bounty of Boris: the Superhighway and the cycle hire scheme. Boris’s great contributions to the city in his first term as The Mayor Of London (why all those caps?). Both schemes have their detractors and … Continue reading

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2010-07-23 // The test event 1

The test event 1
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