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£5m investment into Welsh cycling and walking routes



The Welsh Government has announced funding of £5m which will be allocated to local authorities in Wales to help them develop safe walking and cycling routes across the country.

The Safe Routes in Communities Capital grant will be used to build cycle and walking paths to community facilities such as schools, hospitals, leisure centres, and community centres.

Realistic alternative options to the car

Announcing the individual projects that will get part of the £5m grant, Welsh Government Transport Minister Carl Sargeant said that only by providing people with realistic and enjoyable alternative options to the car will people’s attitude towards sustainable transport change.

“The benefits of using sustainable transport are wide ranging, from enjoying healthy exercise as you walk or cycle to work to reducing congestion in our towns and cities.

“We are all aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprint, and walking and cycling instead of driving can help to make a real difference.”

There is a commitment on part of the Labour-led Welsh Government to introduce a Cycling Bill (within the next five years) that makes it a legal duty for Welsh local authorities to provide cycle routes.

Successful bids that will benefit from the grant

Aberbeeg Community Link – improvements to pedestrian & cycling routes between Aberbeeg & Six Bells – £156,000

Coychurch – speed reduction measures, reduced kerb heights, improved junctions, signage improvements – £180,000

Pembrey – 20mph zones, traffic calming measures, provision of new & improved crossing points, road widening – £558,000

Bodedern – including a new footpath, zebra crossing, speed restrictions and improved pedestrian facilities in the community around the school – £184,000

Ruthin – scheme will provide improvements across the community by introducing additional pedestrian crossings and cycle storage facilities – £120,000

The £5m capital funding has been allocated to local authorities for schemes to be delivered in 2012/13.

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