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Snacks to keep you pedalling on your bike ride


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What are the best snacks to keep you energised whilst out on a cycle ride? After asking people on Facebook and Twitter we have been able to compile a list of alternative snacks to the usual cycling specific nutritional bars and gels that you usually carry on a ride

Mini Eggs (“full of energy” and “won’t make a mess in your jersey”) triumphed as the favourite snack among are Facebook and Twitter followers. However, there were many other suggestions on what other snacks were ideal for topping up your energy whilst out on your bike.

Snacks not sports food

Dedicated sports foods are excluded from this list. Undoubtedly they have their worth. However, we want a list of everyday snacks. Snacks which you might eat mid-morning at work or whilst out on a ride, that can be bought in your local store and are good value.

1 – Mini Eggs, £2.50 for bag of 100g

Nutrition per handful of 3 mini eggs (10g): 49 Cal, 2.2g Fat, 6.8g Carb, 0.5g Protein, Trace Sodium

Mini Eggs are the inspiration for this list and benchmark for all other snacks. Mini Eggs have good energy levels and, compared the other snacks on this list, a higher fat content (read Periodation of Nutrition to remind yourself of the value of fats).

They are small and easy to eat, taste great and won’t make a mess in your jersey pocket.

2 – Jaffa Cakes, £1.19 for pack of 12

Nutrition per cake: 46 Cal, 1.0g Fat, 8.6g Carb, 0.6g Protein, Trace Sodium

Despite the risk that they might get squashed whilst pedalling Jaffa Cakes are an all time bike snack classic.

Moist enough to eat comfortably on a longer ride and with good carb and energy qualities Jaffa cakes will keep you pedalling until after you’ve got bored of discussing whether they are a cake or a biscuit.

3 – School bars, £1.49 for pack of 5 bars at 20g

Nutrition per bar: 67 Cal, 0.6g Fat, 15.0g Carb, 0.1g Protein, 0.04g Sodium

My personal favourite. Great value bars of fruit that come individually wrapped and stay fresh and tasty for weeks. High levels of fructose and energy per bar are a positive.

Sometimes requires a few glugs of water to eat!

4 – Jelly Babies, £1.48 for bag of 215g

Nutrition per handful of 3 sweets: 60 Cal, Trace Fat, 14.4g Carb, 0.6g Protein, Trace Sodium

A tried-and-tested energy burst provider. Jelly Babies pack a punch when it comes to energy (not surprising when they are pure sugar!). They can be stored in a jersey pocket and tapped into at regular intervals to keep blood sugar levels up.

5 – Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bar, £2.40 for pack of 6 bars.

Nutrition per 42g pack of 2 bars: 194 Cal, 6.8g Fat, 29.6g Carb, 3.5g Protein, 0.1g Sodium

Nature Valley produces a variety of tasty and nutritious bars which are ideal for cycling. Loads of energy and high levels of protein make these bars stand out as a great snack for pedalling.

6 – Salted Peanuts

“Carbs, fats, protein and electrolytes in one bag” were the (excellent) reasons given by Pete Newell for salted peanuts.

7 – Flapjacks

Wayne suggested Flapjacks because he could bake them himself, and were an easy snack with great energy…Wayne was kind enough to share his flapjack recipe with us all!

8 – Bananas

Bananas were given a shout out by Danni Hamilton, Mark Tomlinson and Pete Newell. Although the squishy factor was cited as a downside!

9 – Dried Cranberries and blueberries

Robin Rance suggested Dried cranberries and blueberries. They sound very tasty!

10 – Mini finger rolls filled with cheese spread and chicken/ham, or raspberry jam and sultana scones

John North got the prize for showing that a bike ride can be a moving pic-nic. John sounds like the sort of person I would struggle to cycle with and not ask to try some of his snacks!

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