Going Going Bike

Oct 202012
Celebrating the Raid

Axat to Collioure, 120km, 1200m of climbing, Col de Jau.

Day six was the final day of our pyreneen cycle ride from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. It began in the town of Axat, headed back up towards the high mountains for our final big climb of our Raid (in the shape of the Col de Jau) and then descended via lunch in Prades to the coast in St Cyprien before finishing in Collioure. Continue reading »

Oct 182012
Peyresourde Views

St Lary to Arac, 140km, 2200m of climbing, Col de Peyresourde and Col de Portet d’Aspet

Day four of our ride from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean was a 140km stage from St Lary to a hamlet 20 km East of St Girons called Arac. During the day we climbed over 2000m and summited the Peyresourde and the Col de Portet d’Aspet. A large lunch was enjoyed in Luchon.

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Oct 152012
Col D Aubisque

Day two was the first day of the big mountains on our ride from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean (route details can seen here). First up the Marie Blanque, which is 9km long with the final four km all averaging double digit gradients. Tough. The Aubisque is longer and consistently hard. The gradient never leaves the 6 to 10% range. Nearer 10% for most of it. Both climbs are staples of the Tour and both climbs had the group excited and nervous as we headed out from Arette after a large breakfast and good night’s sleep. Continue reading »

Oct 142012
Biarritz Beginning

From midday onwards on the first day of our Raid Pyreneen the clouds were low and the rains fell. Sometimes heavily. This was in sharp contrast to the warm and occasionally sunny conditions that were enjoyed as we took the necessary group photo prior to departing Biarritz for our six day tour along the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Continue reading »