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Oz study sees the benefit in cycle lanes


Cycle lanes are undoubtedly safer for cyclists to cycle on. Cycle lanes help reduce crashes and injuries among cyclists. A point confirmed by some recent research by Australian researchers at The George Institute in the country. READ ON

Bike crime doesn’t always pay


Bike theft is never quite a one or two man operation. There is usually a web of criminals involved from the original theft to selling on stolen bikes and in some cases organised gangs operate in cities. So, it is always good to hear about bike crime convictions particularly when it involves systematic criminality on a grand scale. READ ON

Going Going Bike Casual Rides

Casual Rides

The Going Going Bike Casual Ride takes place on the final Sunday of each month and brings together cyclists of all abilities who want to go for a social pedal. READ ON

The Wheelie Good Round-Up

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Welcome to this week’s collection of cycling stories from around the web that got our attention in the past week. READ ON

Velodrome facility for Derby gets planning go-ahead

Derby Velodrome Internal View

We Brits seem to be in love with track cycling at the moment. On the back of the continuous successes of British women and men on the track, tickets for Velodrome sessions at the Olympic Games are currently the hottest tickets out there. READ ON

Win a place on a VIP minibus at the Tour of Flanders

Tour of Flanders

If you love the sport of cycling and professional cycle racing, then you know a trip to spectate at one of the Spring Classics has to be done once in your lifetime. One-day races such as the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix are immersed in cycling folklore for the unique challenges they pose to professionals (and amateurs who attempt to ride the courses).  READ ON

Virtual ride aims to raise funds for Spinal Research


A special mention for a charity ride being undertaken by an individual on today’s blog. The ride by Daniel Eley for Spinal Research is not like any normal bike ride as it is being completed via a Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Bicycle. READ ON

The bike that has storage space built into the frame

DL122 Peugeot

Last year we brought you news of a single speed bike that had an attached Samsung 10.1 tablet holder on it as part of the design of the bike. At the time, we commented that a tablet being on a bike was a little bizarre and it just looked plain odd. READ ON

Edinburgh bike leasing scheme aims to encourage cycling take-up


The City of Edinburgh Council’s attempts to get more people cycling in the city could be set to be boosted by an innovative bike leasing scheme where bikes could be borrowed for a length of time without users having to buy the bike first. READ ON

The Wheelie Good Round-Up

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Here’s our latest collection of cycling stories from around the web that got our attention in the past week. READ ON