Monthly Archives: February 2012

Agreement aims to take the cycling revolution to the track

Cycling Track

The increasing public profile of track cycling could grow further after an agreement was signed between all three of the major venues in the UK to cooperate and take track cycling events around the UK. READ ON

No labour charge repair service benefits cycling


The costs of maintaining a bicycle can be seen as a barrier to people cycling so an innovative bicycle maintenance project in Hartlepool where the local council subsidies labour charges gets a thumbs up from us. READ ON

Edinburgh shows the way on investment into cycling


A recent decision by Edinburgh Council to spend at least a minimum 5% of its transport budget on cycling bodes well for Edinburgh’s unofficial title as the best place to cycle in the UK. READ ON

Riders ready for a cycle race around the globe

World Cycle Racing

Saturday marks the start of a cycle race with a difference. This race is 18,000 miles around the world. Apart from a nice little trophy, the winning cyclist could also have the prize of a new Guinness World Record for circumnavigating the word by bicycle. READ ON

Love your bike this Valentine’s Day

Bike Valentine

Valentine’s Day is that day that you should tell the one you love how much you love them by showering them with attention and making them feel special. READ ON

A fresh delivery by bike

Globax Delivery Bike

We love the odd takeaway here at GGB when we have from time to time had to put in some late night working hours. However, we are consumed with just a little guilt that anything delivered to us is by a moped or motorbike with the resulting carbon emissions. READ ON

The Wheelie Good Round-Up

GGB_PPT template design

It’s that time again for some bite-sized biking nuggets from us here at Going Going Bike. We hope you enjoy this week’s selections

Cycle safety debate builds momentum

Cities fit for Cycling

What a few weeks it has been for the issue of cyclist safety. Alongside The Times’ Cities fit for Cycling campaign and some of the positive momentum from it, we’ve had a raft of good news stories about cycle safety this week. READ ON

One man’s search to understand bike theft

Bicycle Crime Scene

Many emotions and feelings go through your brain when a bike is stolen. Loss is one, anger is another. READ ON

London Mayoral candidates told to Go Dutch


It has been quite a few weeks for the subject of cyclist safety with a healthy political momentum growing from The Times’ Cities fit for Cycling Campaign. While The Times campaign has grabbed headlines it easy to forget initiatives like the London Cycling Campaign’s (LCC) Go Dutch campaign. READ ON