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Cycle routes in place for Olympics

Mark Foster, London 2012 Mascot Mandeville, Transport for London's Director of Better Routes and Places, Ben Plowden, Carl Pittam, Sustrans' London Director, and London 2012 Mascot Wenlock.

The Olympics are not too far away with just under nine months to go before events kick off at the Olympic Stadium on July 27. A great deal has been made by the organsiers that these games will be a walk and bike friendly Olympics in terms of spectators getting to the games. READ ON

Cornwall event to create festival experience for sport

St Michael's Mount and cyclists

A new annual three day festival of sport for the UK is being launched for next year with cycling at its heart. READ ON

Strong shortlist for Britain’s perfect cycling hill

Perfect Hill Sky Ride

A competition to find Britain’s perfect hill for cycling down has narrowed down the search to 10 locations. READ ON

A work desk made for cycling


A US company is marketing a worktop desk for cyclists. Called the Kickstand Desk, the desk allows a person use their bike and a trainer to ride while they are working. READ ON

Shop sells customer’s bike

Bike Outside Shop

The following story from Sweden is funny in a way though I’m sure the ladies involved were not exactly laughing at the time. Having cycled to a second-hand charity shop in Gävle in eastern Sweden, two friends found that the charity shop had sold one of their bicycles while they were inside shopping. READ ON

Fashion houses jump on the cycling bandwagon

Ralph Lauren Bike

Associating your brand with a movement that is seen as cool is a well known marketing trick. Increasing participation in leisure cycling is seeing a whole host of companies jumping on board to try and associate themselves with the lifestyle that cycling is perceived to give. READ ON

A step in the right direction

Footrest Copenhagen

We all know Copenhagen is a mecca for cycle friendliness but a recent innovation from the city council is taking this one step further with a footrest for cyclists at traffic junctions. READ ON

Beat the cold with a cycling jacket

Proviz Jacket

As you’ve no doubt noticed the temperatures have well and truly dropped this week following the unseasonably warm weather in the earlier part of October. It seems that short sleeved rides are soon to be distant memories as we layer up and ride out in our cycling jackets until spring. READ ON

Pop art shows the car that the bicycle is king

Ryan Heshka Cinelli Artwork

The lovely bit of cover art above adorns the 2012 product catalogue of Italian bicycle maker Cinelli. READ ON

Eilidh Cairns’ family challenges inquest outcome


We’ve featured the case of the death of Eilidh Cairns before on these blogs before. That was more in relation to their “See Me Save Me” campaign by her family to get lorries fitted with sensors and cameras that could help lorry drivers with their blind spots both here in the UK and in Europe. READ ON