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Velorution – the result


The focus was on style in this week’s Sprint Auction, with our friends at Velorution putting forward the Cateye EL-020. READ ON

San Francisco unveils building bike access law

Bike Office

Sometimes you just have to look admiringly at the bicycle friendly polices some cities have. One such city is San Francisco. READ ON

Project celebrates the bike and the workplace


Commuting to work by bike has never been so popular. A leading digital production agency Pixillion has been documenting this increasing love affair with the bike in the Work Cycle project. READ ON

22/09/2011 // INFO Is it a Velorution?

Is it a Velorution?


In this week’s Sprint Auction we welcome Velorution. Since they opened for business in 2005, the company has been busy supplying stylish bikes, cycle accessories and cycle clothing to London’s cycling fraternity. READ ON

SpinCycle – The bicycle washing machine


Anything that can make life easier in the developing world is very much appreciated by its citizens so a washing machine that runs on pedal power could be just the thing to alleviate time consumed by hand washing. READ ON

Cycle shop burglar caught with his pants down


An amusing story from Hull where a cycle shop burglar in the city got caught in the act by the manager of the store and lost his jeans as he tried to escape the scene. READ ON

Govt promises better road signage


UK government transport minister and well known cycling advocate Norman Baker hopes to introduce a raft of policy measures in the next term of parliament that will boost cycling take-up. READ ON

Top 20 bicycle friendly cities

Bicycle Friendly

Just what is the best city in the world for urban cycling? This was the key question of a project by Danish-based Copenhagenize Consulting which aimed to develop an index of how cites fair for bicycle friendliness. READ ON

Prosthetic design aids better cycling for amputee athletes


The awesome design superimposed on Tony Martin’s leg above is a prosthetic designed to make cycling easier for below the knees amputees. Apart from its fantastic look, the prosthetic has an elastomeric band that collects energy while riding, giving the cyclist added muscle strength. READ ON

Bike messenger movie promises thrills and spills

Premium Rush

The cinematic representation of the bicycle in recent years hasn’t been great so we were intrigued to see a trailer uploaded on Friday by Sony Pictures for a new movie about cycling. READ ON