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Haulage industry launches cycle code of conduct


The Freight Transport Association (FTA), which represents most of the large and medium sized haulage firms in the UK, has launched a code of conduct for its members on how to safely drive around cyclists. READ ON

Bike week Sprint Auction

Blue Red

As most of you will know it is Team Green Britain Bike week 18-26 June. Being the perceptive lot that we are.. this has not gone unnoticed at GGB HQ so we have been busy getting our best offering yet for this week’s Sprint Auction. READ ON

Cycle parking at major sporting events – a trip to Wimbledon


On Tuesday, the Going Going Bike team kindly let me have the day off to go to Wimbledon to watch a day of tennis on the proviso I found out what the world’s premier tennis tournament does to cater for those who  cycle there to watch the event. READ ON

My new No Logo bike: Kitt

No Logo

I have finally replaced Rusty! After a few weeks of denial, and reminding myself why cycling is so much better than the tube, I bought another bike. READ ON

Build leg power – with PT Instructor Craig

PT Instructor Craig Bothwell

Hi again readers. Welcome to (late) June’s exercise instalment!

Following on from the last month’s tips on training with Spin classes in mind and how to get that extra ‘oomph’ from your performance, I want to show you further how you can create more power from your body and get that next level speed, or distance covered target. READ ON

Ensuring cyclist safety when a car passes


Georgia has become the 17th US state to now enact a law that requires a motorist to give a cyclist at least 3 feet passing difference when a car overtakes. The law introduced there, which comes into effect on July 1, also puts on the statute book the fact that two cyclists are allowed to ride side-by-side on a road. READ ON

Discover our seller guarantee

We buy any bicycle

Are you struggling to sell your bike? Are you running out of space in your spare room or shed? No problem! Bikeworks will make a bid on any bike listed and not sold on Going Going Bike during Team Green Britain Bike Week (June 18 – 26). READ ON

A great week to celebrate the bike


As many of you will gather, we are already into Team Green Britain Bike Week (June 18-June 26). Bike Week serves as a great promotion for the sport and leisure activity as cycling gets many more inches in the press at both local and national level.  READ ON

Help us get bigger and better

GGB Survey

Going Going Bike is almost a year old now. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable year of existence and we are looking forward to the next 12 months ahead. We hope you can help us move the site forward to bigger and better times by participating in our survey. READ ON

Breakfast event promises to get cyclists hungry for safety


An event worth noting this week in bike week for London’s commuter cyclists is a cycle safety event being organised by the City of London Police. READ ON

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