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Cycle Task Force introduce harsh punishments for bike thieves

Cycle Task Force

The prosecution rate for bike thieves has fallen to as little as two per cent. But that could soon be changing, with the Cycle Task Force pushing for thieves to be punished for the entirety of their criminal careers. READ ON

AbleChildAfrica 2012 Cycle Challenge

ACA 2012 Cycle Challenge

In 2006 I was one of fifteen friends who raised money for AbleChildAfrica (then called the Ugandan Society for Disabled Children) on a London to Paris cycle ride. It wasn’t a big organised ride; just a few mates that got a few other friends involved who wanted to do some cycling and raise funds for an excellent cause. READ ON

Helmets, mirrors or mobiles?

Vote now

It’s fact finding time. In response to the AA’s declaration of “Cycle Safety Day” and the somewhat patronising survey result of their members, 97% of whom thought cyclists should wear helmets, we have launched our own survey. READ ON

The only bike thieves we like!

Bike Thieves

This is good news! No, we haven’t had a massive change of heart on our stance against bike theft. We’re talking about the fantastic outdoor version of the classic Italian film “Bicycle Thieves”. READ ON

The Endurance Coach: Eating low and training high

Endurance Coach

Another guest blog for GGB from Marc Lathwaite, The Endurance Coach, www.theendurancecoach.com

Official guidelines in the 1990’s were unanimous in their recommendation of high carbohydrate intakes for athletes. This recommendation was to ensure adequate glycogen recovery on a daily basis (glycogen is the term given to carbohydrate stored in the liver and muscles). READ ON

Sprint Auction Rollercoaster


After the inaugural sprint auction last week which caused a bit of a furore, we returned this week with a new lot: Velo-re’s handmade belt fashioned from a recycled bike tyre. READ ON

Cycle safety day so say AA


Today has been designated “Cycle Safety Day” by no less than national motoring organisation the AA. To celebrate this self appointed day, the AA has announced that this morning it will be handing out 5,000 sets of free helmets and high-visibility vests to London commuters. READ ON

The Sprint Auction returns


Here it comes again! After plenty of searching and a bit of negotiation we have found another amazing deal for you lucky lot. READ ON

City regions have potential for cycling growth


Although levels of cycling in UK cities are relatively low at around 0.8% of journeys compared to over 27% in the Netherlands, the potential to change this is substantial. READ ON

Spinning out – with PT instructor Craig

PT Instructor Craig Bothwell

Hi again readers. Great to be back with you this month to aid your cycling requirements. Thank you for the fantastic response last month, I hope to keep up your support. This article has quite a few coaching tips to build power and endurance so you may want to print it off and take it with you to your gym! READ ON