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Cycling at night – tips on kit needed and cycling safely

Night riding kit

A night ride is a wonderful way to roll whether it be a leisure ride or a commute home. The darkness can transform a familiar route into something very different and exciting. However, for many a night ride can seem intimidating, foolhardy; even extreme. It needn’t be. READ ON

Registration offer on London to Paris bike ride


Registration for the popular London to Paris bike ride organised by Children’s charity Action Medical Research closes soon and the charity is offering new riders a 25% discount off the sign-up fee if they sign up before the end of March. READ ON

New cycle lane routes open up in Blackpool


We do love to be by the seaside here at Going Going Bike. Even more so if we can take our bikes. So its good news that Blackpool has just completed work on its dedicated cycle lanes linking four inland routes into its famous promenade. READ ON

Spring clean – Top 5 tips to sprucing up your bike


Cleaning your bike and getting it ready for a ride is really simple. It’s also a cost effective way of making your bike look great. There are loads of reasons to clean your bike. Making it ride better, last longer and look good are just three of them. READ ON

Residential bike theft design solutions revealed


In December, we featured a Design Council plea for cyclist input into a competition that aimed to find new design-led ideas that may help cyclists store their bikes more securely and conveniently in a residential environment. READ ON

Should there be harsher penalties for dangerous cycling


Should there be a minimum custodial sentence for those convicted of causing death or serious injury through dangerous or reckless cycling? I think any likeminded person who cycles would agree that a cyclist should be punished for such offences, but is there any need for a specific offence relating to cycling? READ ON

Gran Corsa Ride – the best way to spend 3 weeks in 2011?

Gran Corsa

There are certain activities and characteristics that define a cyclist. I don’t mean a normal cyclist. I mean someone who is obsessed by cycling; who can find interest in anything that relates to two wheels. READ ON

The Great Road Climbs of London: Richmond Park – Broomfield Hill

Broomfield Hill

Broomfield Hill 52M

Robin Hood approach

Length: 0.9KM

Height Gain: 40M

Maximum Gradient: 12% READ ON

Make up with your bike this summer

Bike shed

Bikes don’t like being left in the shed. They get lonely, they get miserable and after a while they start sulking and stop working so well. Luckily, Team Green Britain have decided to try and cheer up all those bikes and bring them blinking into the sunshine this summer! READ ON

End of the line for NI helmet compulsion law?


Depending on your views on helmet compulsion, this is either good or bad news. It appears that the Parliamentary Bill going through the Northern Ireland Assembly at the moment, which would require cyclists to wear a helmet in any public place in the province, may run out of time to become law. READ ON