Going Going Bike

Mar 312011
Oxford Magnum

Protecting your bike from the evil bike thief is a priority for all cyclists. However, doing it in practice can be harder than you think. As most cyclists know, bike thieves are sneaky little b******s and seem to be able to ‘liberate’ even the most securely locked bike. Continue reading »

Mar 292011

The decision to cycle to work is not always easy. In some cases, the decision lies in the commitment to cycling from your workplace. While Cycle to Work schemes are welcome, not many workplaces provide secure bike parking facilities leaving employees to park in public spaces and open to their bicycles being stolen. Continue reading »

Mar 282011

There must be something about coastal towns and cycle hire schemes. Blackpool already has a council funded cycle hire system in place, while Brighton & Hove is mulling a scheme. Well it now appears that Portsmouth, another coastal city, is keen to get in on the act. Continue reading »