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Bicycle guide for long distance cycling and touring

Cycle Touring

What type of bicycle do you need for long distance, multi-day cycle rides, such as Lands End to John o’Groats or London to Edinburgh? READ ON

Nutrition Part 3 – An alternative view on hydration

Cycling Hydration

The following is our third guest blog from Marc Lathwaite, The Endurance Coach, www.theendurancecoach.com

In nutrition Part 1 – What’s All This Fat-Burning About? and Part 2 – Fuelling Your Races (which are available from the blog) we discussed the benefits of fat burning and how to fuel correctly on the day of the event. In part 3, our focus is hydration or in more simple terms how much to drink. READ ON

Funding made available for London Biking Boroughs


The Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) have announced £4m worth of funding for London’s Biking Boroughs to create cycle hubs and cycling communities in Outer London. READ ON

Is Brighton & Hove Council anti-cycling?


As anyone who saw our Facebook page will see, we posted up a story from the BBC site about plans to remove cycle lanes in Hove along a popular route by the local council there. READ ON

Searching for information about a Kerry’s Great Britain Ltd bicycle

Kerry Bike

We are seeking information about Kerry’s Great Britain Ltd, a manufacturer of bicycles from the East of London (postcode E11). The search comes about as a result of the discovery of the wonderful old bike shown in the picture above by a friend of Going Going Bike. READ ON

Pensioners pass cycling skills to the next generation


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but they can definitely teach you a thing or two. If you forgive the pun, that is exactly what two pensioners are doing in Bolton by teaching both children and adults to cycle.  READ ON

Freecross – the full body ride


All those who don’t want to have their workouts confined to the four walls of a gym can now add themselves to the numbers grateful to German technology. The Freecross was designed by two Germans and has been available to members of Soho Gyms (the London based gym) who want to take their gym sessions outdoors. READ ON

Man attempts to cycle Delhi to Mumbai in 30 hours


Not wanting to stereotype Indian roads or motorists but I for one am wishing Vinod Punmiya the best of luck as he attempts to create a world record in cycling from Delhi to Mumbai, a distance of 1,485 km, in just 30 hours. READ ON

16/02/2011 // INFO Pedal while you work

Pedal while you work


Long hours in front of a computer would send anyone podgy sorry potty but what if you could combine some form of pedalling exercise while you work at your desk. READ ON

Orange Monkey suffer stolen bikes

Orange Monkey Stolen Bike

Orange Monkey-Cannondale, the UK based Cross Country Mountain Bike Team that gained UCI status for the first time this year, have today (15 February) had two of their brand new Cannondale Flash F1 Team training bikes stolen from inside a house in the Northampton area.  READ ON