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Galibier both ways, the 21 bends and a time-trial in three days of decisive racing

Tour de France 2011 Focusing on the Suffer Zones

The Tour de France organising committee must have had their weetabix before they decided the route for the 2011 Tour, which was announced yesterday in Paris. It is punchy. READ ON

19/10/2010 // INFO, STYLE What to wear?

What to wear?

Staying warm

It’s getting colder, it’s getting wetter, so what to do? Inspired by Graham’s discussion on Biker’s Delight we were wondering what to wear now? Are you still in summer cycling mode or have you already made the switch to hat, gloves, trousers and waterproofs? Let me tell you where I am. READ ON

Tour of Lombardy roundup

Pro Cycling

“Really foul weather” were the words used by Dave Harmon on the Eurosport commentary during Saturday’s Tour of Lombardy. The rain poured down and the peloton was decimated as only 34 out of the 195 riders finished the last big race of the 2010 pro calendar. READ ON

Bikes, tricks and cycle fashion


Lights, cameras and action were evident at the Barbican on Thursday evening. But this was not a screening at the Bicycle Film Festival, but a show of bikes and clothes that most cyclists do not (at the moment) choose to wear. READ ON

Thursday Throwdown: Are the Spanish worse dopers or just dopey at doping?

Steak or Potential Doping Offence

Alberto Contador, Ezequiel Mosquera, David Garcia Da Pena from the Pro ranks and Margarita Fullana from the Olympic squad have a few things in common. They’re Spanish and they’re cyclists. READ ON

A very irritating cycle theft

My missing Cateye

Apart from one bike have generally been pretty safe from cycle related crime. However, followers of our Facebook Page might be aware of this but I had a bit of a saga with my lights last week. It went a little like this. READ ON

Dr Al investigates the effect of music on cycling performance


In the first of what we hope might become an irregular feature on Going Going Bike, Dr Al provides his medical expertise on cycling related health issues – today: the effects of music on cycling performance READ ON

Boris Bikes – Your bicycle breakdown service?

Row of Boris Bikes perfect for broken down bicyclists

Last week we were in a big hurry. Off to a meeting the other side of town with only just enough time to get there. Then disaster struck… a puncture! Being well prepared with no spare inner tube or pump this was a little bit of an issue.  READ ON

Weekend race roundup – Freire, Davis and Gilmore win

Competitive Cycling

Three big pro races to report on today. Paris-Tours won by Oscar Freire of Rabobank, the Commonwealth Games road race won, in the men’s event, by Alan Davis and by Rochelle Gilmore for the women. READ ON

The importance of a bike register

Bike Register

Registering your bicycle with a bike register costs nothing and takes very little time but remarkably few cyclists seem to bother. Why is this and is registering a bike really worthwhile? READ ON