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Ooh.com…..everything that’s hot! Find a bike holiday………

Amazing bike tour

We like looking for websites that don’t directly focus on cycling but offer us something great (a bit like Streetbank). Our latest crush is is Ooh.com, which is great if you are looking for a biking adventure or if you run bike trips READ ON

Everything has gone green

Green Jerseys

Everything has gone rather green. Team Sky have chosen Going Going Bike as the only place in the world to buy their Rainforest Rescue team kit, Global Cool have asked to feature our blog postings on their website and Mark Cavendish has won the green points jersey in the Vuelta. READ ON

19/09/2010 // INFO, STYLE City Cycle Style

City Cycle Style

Cycle Style Show

The victorian grandeur of the Grand Avenue in London’s Smithfield Market provided a fitting backdrop on Friday evening for the City Cycle Show. The decorative cast iron arches looked down on Karta Healy’s show, which brought together cycling fashion, bicycles from all ages and a spirit of style over speed. READ ON

18/09/2010 // INFO Pros and posters

Pros and posters


There are some treats around town this weekend for London’s cyclists. Having been over to Smithfield to enjoy the City of London Cycle Style Event yesterday evening (more on this tomorrow) I am planning to head off to Canary Wharf to watch the 8th stage of the Tour of Britain this afternoon before popping down to Look Mum No Hands for the ArtCrank exhibition. READ ON

Fixies, an outsider’s view

Toby not sure whether to go fixed

Toby applied to be GGB’s intern through our Facebook page and has subsequently become devoted to the bike. He wanted to find out a bit more about fixed wheel bikes and chose the FaceBook Thursday Throwdown as the perfect place to find out more. Below are his findings: READ ON

Streetbank: perfect for cyclists


45. That’s the number of cycling specific tools required by a cyclist according to “The Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Maintenance“. It’s a hefty number of tools and many times larger than I (and I suspect you) have to hand. READ ON

How to survive cycling in London

First Aid

This is our second guest post, following the success of Gill’s post last week. We asked for interesting article suggestions from our Facebook community and what follows are the words (and we should stress views) of Hayes Thompson. READ ON

Cycling fashion exhibition in Cambridge

I Bike Cambridge

There is something about cycling that fuels creativity. It certainly inspired us to create some fairly loud t-shirts. For further (and more stylish!?) evidence drop in at the I Bike Cambridge exhibition taking place at the Central Library this week. READ ON

Bike Security – What to do if your bicycle is stolen

Bicycle Crime Scene

It’s never nice being the subject of bike crime. When it happens there is that awful feeling of loss for your trusty steed and of course a little bit of shock. Once that shock subsides there are some steps you should take in the aftermath of your bike being stolen.   READ ON

Where do you keep your bicycle at home?


Is it nestling behind the sofa, out in the garden or simply chained to the railings out the front of the property? A major problem for cyclists is where to keep your bicycle at home. Or, more accurately, where to keep the many bicycles which we own safe, dry and out of the way? READ ON