Going Going Bike

Jul 282010
Bicycle Thieves

Fancy chasing someone on a bike this weekend? Henriette Baker and Vicky Graham are Londoners, cyclists and theatre-makers, who have brought together their favourite things to create Bicycle Thieves – a promenade theatre performance with all actors and audience on bicycles.

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Jul 272010
Bike to Freedom!

Inspired by Andrew Gilligan’s article yesterday in The Telegraph thought I’d share some of my own experiences of commuting. In a nutshell, it’s amazing! Before I started had concerns about safety, practicality, lack of showers etc but the reality is after your first week you’re hooked.

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Jul 262010
Team EJF

You guys are clearly very charitable and love cycling distances. Can be the only explanation for all the great posts on our Facebook page and Twitter account. Have pulled together all of the fantastic ideas so far. Let us know if you’re doing or planning anymore.

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Jul 262010
Bike racing

The 2010 Tour de France will go down in history as a gruelling three weeks. Crashes, scalding temperatures, endless climbing and doping allegations. It was a super tough challenge. And I’m only talking about it from the bikes’ perspective. Continue reading »