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Two person bike for those who like to cycle with others or who don’t want to pedal much.
Time trial
An against the clock road race whereby each rider races against the clock and is not permitted to draft other riders or get support from team mates.
Time-Trial bike
Similar in design and concept to the triathlon bike. However, these bikes tend to be designed with greater manoeuvrability in mind due to the more technical nature of road time trial courses than triathlon courses.
Titanium frame
A relatively new entrant and expensive. Titanium is light and strong and makes an excellent bike frame material.
Touring bike
A bike designed for long distance on road riding. Usually has slightly thicker wheels than a road bike and stronger frame so as to take the extra weight of the panniers. The position of the rider might be less aggressive and more comfortable than a road bike.
Track Stand
To balance on a bike, whilst stationary, without having to place feet on the ground. Useful at traffic lights.
Tri-Cross bike
A tri-cross bike is built for racing off and on road. It is stronger and heavier than a road bike with thicker tyres for grip off road. In addition the gear and brake cables run over the top of the top tube because riders often have to carry their bikes through sections of the course.
Triathlon bike
Designed with triathlon in mind. It forces the rider into a very aerodynamic position over the handlebars and onto the aero bars. This is because drafting is not permitted in triathlon and so aerodynamics are particularly important to the rider.
Not just for kids, but mostly.
Levers that help to remove/replace tyres from the rims of a wheel.
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