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Gear cables
The cables that link your shifters to the gear mechanism. They should be regularly tested for appropriate tightness and general good condition.
Gears - Front Derailleur
The front gear mechanism which, by way of spring mechanism, pulls the chain onto the large chainring or allows it to move onto the smaller chainrings.

When the chain is on the larger chainring the force needed by the rider to move the pedals is greater than when the chain is on the smaller chainrings.
Gears - Rear Derailleur
The rear gear mechanism which, by way of spring mechanism, pulls the chain down onto the smaller sprocket or allows it to move up on to the larger sprockets.

This is one of the most vulnerable components on the bike and needs to be well protected when the bike is dismantled for for transport.
A sleeveless jacket that can pack down into a small enough size to fit into a jersey pocket. Gilets come in a variety of weights, are windproof and can be shower/rain proof.
Giro D’Italia
The three week stage race held in Italy in June. Considered to be the second biggest race in professional road cycling.
Gloves not only keep you warm in cold weather but can provide some dampening effect to the vibrations felt through the bike from the trail or road.
Gold Jersey
The leader’s jersey in the Vuelta d’Espana
Grand Tour
A three week stage race. The grand tours are the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France and the Vuelta d’Espana.
A lubricant that is in the form of a paste rather than a liquid. It’s useful for puttiing on skewers and other threaded fittings and fasteners.
Green Jersey
The points jersey in the Tour de France. Often referred to as the sprinter’s jersey.