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Aero bars
Bars attached to the front of a bicycle’s handlebars that allow the rider to reach forward into an aerodynamic riding position.
Aluminium frame
Most new bikes are made of reinforced aluminium. It is relatively lightweight, does not rust and is fairly strong. It is considered to provide a harsh ride, although it would be hard to judge this on nice tarmac roads over short distances.
Arm warmers
During the Spring and Autumn months, arm and knee warmers are an essential part of a cyclists kit, giving the versatility to cope with unpredictable changes in weather. They are small enough to be carried in a jersey pocket, meaning quick and easy changes can be made while out on the bike. Arm, leg and knee warmers are available in various weights to suit your requirements and the weather conditions you are riding in.
Armstrong (Lance)
Controversial 7 time winner of the Tour de France.
A type of unsupported long distance ride. See Audax UK