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Intended to protect the rider from rain sprayed off the road/trail by the wheels.
A set of tools for use out on a ride. This can include allen keys and/or screwdriver heads. Usually compact and light so as to fit into a saddlebag.
Bag of food and drink given to pro riders as they race.
A vital part of cycling. Sports drinks, bars, snacks, rehydration tablets.
On the drops
Cycling on the drops means to cycle on the drop section of the handlebars.
Some overshoes keep your feet dry in wet conditions, others keep you warm and some reduce drag.
Bags that sit on the side of the bike. Often these come in pairs and are placed at the rear and/or the front of the bike.
Pedal cleats
Pedal cleats fit to the bottom of cycling shoes and attach to the clipless pedals. There are a variety of types for road or off-road. Cleats have to be compatible with the pedals.
These can be flat or clipless. Clipless pedals permit cleated cycling shoes to clip in and out of the pedals.
The main group of cyclists in a professional road race.
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