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Inner tubes
Located between the rims of a wheel and the tyre. On a road bike they are usually pumped up to 80-120 psi. They come in a variety of sizes with two main types of valve, presta and schrader.
Every rider needs a good all weather jacket. Many riders need several for lots of conditions. One that will keep you warm and dry in all but the worst conditions is a good place to start.
A breathable jersey with pockets on the back is vital for all road cyclists. The pockets allow a cyclist to store essential extras such as personal items, nutrition and a pump.
Knee warmers
During the Spring and Autumn months, arm and knee warmers are an essential part of a cyclists kit, giving the versatility to cope with unpredictable changes in weather. They are small enough to be carried in a jersey pocket, meaning quick and easy changes can be made while out on the bike.
Front and rear lamps are essential for riding in darkness or poor light.
Lanterne Rouge
The red flag draped over the road at the one kilometre to go stage of a road cycling race.
It is vital to lock up your bike securely with two good locks.

Use two different types of locks (one cable and one D) as thieves don't like to carry two different types of lock breaking tools.
Type of bike popular in US beach states, such as Florida and Southern California. They have fat tires, no gears and a low riding position which makes them fine to ride on the flat but would not survive long in the hills. Very popular in the 40s and 50s and now making something of a comeback.
The hardest amateur cycle race in the world. 174km. 5000m worth of climbing.
Mountain bike
A strong and rugged bike designed for off road and trail use. Has strong, multi spoke wheels with thick grip designed to withstand the impact and pressure of off road riding.
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