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A cluster of sprockets that fits on the freewheel at the rear of the bike that (along with the front chainring) has the gearing effect on the bike. The effort the rider needs to make to turn the crank (all things being equal) is greater when the chain is on the smallest sprocket in the cassette.
Links the chainring to the cassette.
A front sprocket that attaches to the crank. The effort the rider needs to make to turn the crank (all things being equal) is greater when the chain is on the large chainring.
Classified Climbs
Climbs in professional racing are classified depending on how difficult they are. The easiest classified climb is a class 4. The hardest is referred to as HC or hors categorie (ie beyond categorisation). A typical HC climb will be around 20km long and have an average gradient of greater than 6%.
Clipless Pedals
Clipless pedals permit cleated cycling shoes to clip in and out of the pedals.
A mountain top pass. (French)
The arm that attaches to the axle via the bottom bracket. The pedals are attached to the end of the crank.
Type of bike popular in US beach states, such as Florida and Southern California. They have fat tires, no gears and a low riding position which makes them fine to ride on the flat but would not survive long in the hills. Very popular in the 40s and 50s and now making something of a comeback. Also know as a Lowrider
Cycle computers
These range in complexity from simple units that measure time, speed and distance to GPS enabled, high tech pieces of kit that can measure gradient, power output, temperature, air pressure, cadence, hear rate and give you detailed directions for routes.
D Lock
A type of lock in the shape of a ā€œDā€ which is considered to be very strong.
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