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Bicycle Motorcross! What any self-respecting teenager hangs out on.
Body armour
If you are going downhill, offroad fast then body armour can provide you with some sort of lightweight protection against immovable objects.
When a cyclist hits the wall and has no energy to continue. An endurance cyclist must replace the energy consumed whilst on the bike. This means consuming energy bars, energy drinks, fruit or other nutritional products on an ongoing basis. The effects of bonking can be spectacular and result in previously strong cyclists coming to a shuddering halt.
Bottle cages
The cages which bidons fasten into on the frame. They can be made of aluminium or of more light weight materials such as carbon.
Bottom Bracket
The part of the frame around which the cranks revolve, also the bearings and axle assembly that runs through the bottom bracket shell of the frame.
The front and rear brakes (whether calliper, cantilever, rim, disc or otherwise).
Break away
A group of professional riders who ride off at the front of the main group of riders to establish a lead in a race.
A van or bus used to carry cyclists who fail to keep inside the time restrictions on sportives. Not a cheerful place to be.
An Italian manufacturer of cycle components. Their road components increase in quality and price from veloce, centaur, athena, chorus, record and super record.
Carbon frame
Carbon fibre is the material of choice for top level bikes. It is strong, stiff and light. In addition the carbon is considered to absorb vibrations from the road and produce a comfortable ride.
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