Buyers on Going Going Bike may ask you to ship your bike to them. This is not nearly as challenging as many people imagine and simply involves dismantling and packing your bike and arranging for a courier to collect it from you. Dismantling and packing a bike should not take you more than 30 minutes.

Below are three courier companies that can help you ship your bike and we have put together a quick guide on how to dismantle and pack your bike.


Bicycle Couriers


Bike Dismantling and Packing Guide


1 - Get a Bike Box

The cheapest way to ship a bike is by using a cardboard bike box. A local cycle shop will have plenty of these and will mostly give them away free as it saves them the effort of disposing them.


2 - Equipment and tools needed

  • Allen Keys (definite)
  • Pedal Spanner (possibly)
  • Packing material: cardboard, newspaper, pipe insulation or bubble wrap, string, tape and/or zip ties


3 - Prepping the Bike

Wipe down/clean your bike. Pay extra attention to remove any grime on the chain, derailleurs and crankset.


4 - Dissembling your Bike


Step 1:

Front and back wheels should be removed with the quick release skewers taken out by fully unscrewing them. Skewers can be put in separate bags and put to one side. Deflate the tyres, but not completely...a little air will prove a good shock absorber inside the packaging.


Tip: Be careful not to mislay the little spring mechanism in the skewers when you unscrew them.


Step 2:

Loosen the handlebar bolts and the stem bolts with an allen key. The bars should be rotated down and folded under the top tube. Lightly tighten the bolts to keep the bars in place under the frame.


Step 3:

Lower the saddle or remove it completely. If leaving the saddle in place you will have to retighten the bolts to prevent movement.


Step 4:

Remove the pedals. Use a pedal crank or an Allen key to remove them, depending on which type you have. Tie the pedals together and put in a separate bag.


Tip: the left pedal has a left hand thread and so unscrews “the wrong way”. As a result you need to unscrew it in a clockwise direction.


Step 5:

Remove the rear derailleur by using an Allen key to loosen it away from the frame. It should hang free and can then be wrapped in bubble wrap and cable-tied or taped to the frame.  Apply padding/ protection to the wheel hubs & cassette.


Step 6:

Use packaging material such as bubble wrap and/or pipe insulation to protect vulnerable parts of the frame. This includes the seat-stays. Once the bike is nicely wrapped place the frame in your box and then put the wheels on either side of it.


Tip: You can put some cardboard or newspaper between the wheels and the frame for added protection.


Step 7:

Put all the separate bike parts that you have removed from the frame (such as pedals, seat & seatpost, quick release skewers) into one plastic bag and place inside the bike box.


Step 8:

Tape up box thoroughly paying specific attention to the corners of the box.