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velo-re was founded in 2006 with the idea that tyres can be "tired", but don't have to retire.

Originally set up as part of a bicycle recycling project in Berne, Switzerland, which sourced old bicycle parts to use in repairs. The unusable tyre leftovers became a unique clothing item. There aren't many fashion accessories that have done their time on real roads!

velo-re handcrafts belts made from recycled bicycle tyres and inner tubes. Each one is an individual and has its own history. The tread bears the scars of every mile travelled, every unauthorised skid. We like the idea of recycling and making full use of the discarded and the superfluous, ending up with something that already has its' own character.

Belties are made from front tyres, which get less wear, so still have plenty of tread left. Beltoes are made from back tyres, which work harder and carry more weight, so they`re kinda threadbare.

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