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Newborns Vietnam is a UK registered charity dedicated to reducing newborn deaths and advancing newborn care in Vietnam newborn deaths accounts for close to 60% of all deaths in children under 1.

Each year around the world 3.3 million babies die in the first 28 days of life and at least a million die on their first day of life. Most of these deaths occur in developing countries from causes that are rare in wealthier countries.

Newborns are so very vulnerable that simple interventions such as improved hygiene at birth and advice on breastfeeding can substantially reduce deaths. The critical shortage of trained nurses and equipment as well as limited knowledge are major factors in why the newborn death rate remains high.

The cycling industry is supporting the Newborns Vietnam, Cycle a Difference 850-miles sponsored challenge ride across the remote highlands of northwest Vietnam- The ride combines a fantastic sport with a great cause - saving newborn lives.

The items for this auction have been donated to help Newborns Vietnam raise funds for lifesaving equipment and training for nurses and midwives.

Your bid will make a difference to the life chances of thousands of babies – help us give every baby the chance to Survive to Thrive.

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