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Lock-loop is a simple and seemingly obvious solution to a problem raised by the majority of locks currently on the market. The Lock-loop attaches to the current lock, and adds extra functionality to secure the front and rear wheels.

One of those "well duh" ideas, Lock-loop was conceived the old fashioned way, in a garage with a toolkit and some elbow grease. The daughter of one the inventors had been experiencing theft of her front wheel from her pedal bike, which prompted an exploration into possible solutions.

The current locking solution, a classic 'D' lock didn't seem to be doing the job. It very securely fixed the main body of the bike, but left the front and rear susceptible to theft. Lock-loop circumvents this by extending the reach of the current lock to include both the front and rear wheels, with very little complication. It also folds away neatly with the current lock and provides extra visibility with its high-visibility yellow rubberised coating.

Cycling is clearly a rapidly expanding market at the moment, with many inner-city workers opting to use their pedal bike to get to work over the car. This has given opportunities for bicycle manufacturers to build a whole host of new and exciting high-end bikes. This also means that there is more opportunity for thieves!

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