Visit Going Going Bike to buy and sell new, used and retro bicycles, bike accessories and cycling apparel from private or professional sellers. Great deals on road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, cycling accessories, bike clothing and frames, components and parts. Micro 4 front / Pico 4 rear safety light twinpackused
  • Four super-bright LED front safety light

  • Four bright red LED rear safety light

  • Front and rear visibility up to 1000 metres

  • Mounts with quick release seatpin and handlebar brackets (included)

  • Robust, water resistant design, perfect for those wet winter nights

  • Four mode light operation, three flashing and one constant for the rear and two modes for the front

  • Requires 4 x AAA batteries (included)
  • ]]> 8936 17.99 Lights 1 GB 2.7 Aqua BikeGlowused While we know riding in the wet is not our favourite way to travel, don't be put off by Aqua in any form. Laugh in the face of adversity.

    ]]> 8915 19.99 Lights 1 GB 2.25 Blue BikeGlowused Our favourite colour. Don't BE blue, BUY blue! Pretend you're a police bicycle! Ner ner ner ner, what's goin' on 'ere then, etc.

    ]]> 8916 19.99 Lights 1 GB 2.25 Green BikeGlowused Grass, trees, seasick people. Be an organic cyclist, go green.

    ]]> 8917 19.99 Lights 1 GB 2.25 Pink BikeGlowused What are we trying to say here? Girlie? Metrosexual? Barbie? British suntan? What the hell, be yourself and laugh at stereotypes.

    ]]> 8918 19.99 Lights 1 GB 2.25 Purple BikeGlowused The colour of kings and emperors. Certainly better than the shade of purple of that scabby Mondeo that just cut you up.

    ]]> 8919 19.99 Lights 1 GB 2.25 White BikeGlowused The colour of purity, of angels, of fluffy white clouds, of little baa lambs.

    Now clean all the muck off your trusty steed.

    ]]> 8921 19.99 Lights 1 GB 2.25 BikeGlowused This is to signal to drivers that they're secretly SCARED of strong, fit, brave cyclists like you. Wimps.

    Terrified of getting out of the car for a 2 mile commute. Grrr!

    ]]> 8922 19.99 Lights 1 GB 2.25 Knog Frog Strobe Twinpackused Most real frogs don't come in 12 colours; most wouldn't have a flexible, silicon body; and most don't have a bright LED built into them. But as we learned from Jurassic Park, nature finds a way - and I suppose when it does, these Knog Frogs won’t seem quite as amazing.




    * LED strobe system with lens

    * Water resistant

    * Flexible silicon bod

    * Integrated clipping feature

    * Quick release mounting

    * Visible up to 600metres

    * 4 Functions ( Strobe, Disco, Epileptic Fit, Constant)

    * 25 Lumens

    * 19 Grams including batteries

    * Burn Time- 80hrs flashing & 50hrs steady

    * 12 Hot colours

    ]]> 3991 16.99 Lights 1 GB 3.45 RSP Asteri 3 Front LED Lightused RSP are working hard to make your cycling experience safer. Their goal is to provide the high performance cycling lights, which utilise the latest materials and technology available and offer great value for money.

    They have now developed this innovative and exclusive range. The all new Asteri range of rechargeable lights provides phenomenal performance along with fantastic value for money, making it ideal for the daily commute or off road night riding.

    This 3 watt headlight provides a fantastic beam, ideal for commuting. The alloy case and waterproof construction means this light will stand the test of time. The integrated Li-ion battery provides exceptional performance and a clean look to your bike.

    Rechargeable headlights can often have ungainly battery packs that need to be strapped to your bike – another reason why the Asteri 3 is a great choice light for city use.


    * Waterproof

    * 1 x Li-ion battery included

    * 200 lumens output

    * Burn time up to 7 hours

    ]]> 3992 46.95 Lights 1 GB 3.45