Visit Going Going Bike to buy and sell new, used and retro bicycles, bike accessories and cycling apparel from private or professional sellers. Great deals on road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, cycling accessories, bike clothing and frames, components and parts. Espresso Brakesetused Espresso Brakeset:

]]> 10047 6.60 Brakeset 1 GB 3.5 Espresso Brakesetused Espresso Brakeset:

]]> 10048 16.20 Brakeset 1 GB 3.5 Espresso Brake Caliperused Dual pivot brake caliper: Alloy long drop caliper brake with quick release mechanism for front wheels 47 - 57mm (185g)

]]> 10050 9.60 Brakeset 1 GB 3.5