We tried to buy a used bicycle that wasn’t stolen
That’s how it all started! We wanted a basic bike to commute to work on and thought about buying a used bike.  We found it hard to track down one that we liked and could be sure wasn’t stolen. And so the basic idea of Going Going Bike was born - a legitimate market for used bikes and bike-y stuff. No bike thieves (or jargon) allowed!

So it’s just about used bikes?
Actually no. Our community has proved really popular with a whole range of people. This means as well as a large group of cyclists to trade and interact with, you can find the latest unique items from independent brands and designers and great deals on new kit from our approved webstores.

In a nutshell
We’re here to help you get out cycling, buy cycling stuff you’ll love and sell the kit that you just don’t have the room for anymore!

Why should you care?
There are loads of advantages of using Going Going Bike and that’s not even including good karma! We work with the police and bike registers to crackdown on bike thieves, we go out and find the coolest independent brands and best value webstores, we work hard to make the site as good as possible and there are no fees unless we make you money. This means you can quickly and easily buy or sell what you want, for the right price, with peace of mind!

Don’t just take our word for it; check out all the nice things people have been saying about us in the press. Or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

What now?
You might want to get buying or selling right now! Or you probably still have some questions so either check out our FAQs, find out how to get involved or just drop us a line.

Welcome to GGB and thank you for your support

Andrew and James