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Bike Security – What to do if your bicycle is stolen

Bicycle Crime Scene

What should you do if your bike is stolen? This was the question that James submitted to us last week via our Prove It page. READ ON

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Where do you keep your bicycle at home?


Is it nestling behind the sofa, out in the garden or simply chained to the railings out the front of the property? A major problem for cyclists is where to keep your bicycle at home. Or, more accurately, where to keep the many bicycles which we own safe, dry and out of the way? READ ON

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Tour of Britain departs today from Rochdale

Pro Tour Cycling

The Grand Depart for the Tour of Britain heads out of Rochdale this morning at 10:30am. It’s fair to assume that the pro-tour event should cause a bigger stir than the arrival of Walsall later in the afternoon for a lower league football match. But, this is England and, you never can tell! READ ON

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Do you name your bike?

Naming your bike

I have to be honest; it’s one of those things I thought I’d never do. And yet somehow I’m the (mostly) proud owner of Rusty the Raleigh. How did this happen and should I be joining some self help group?! READ ON

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Uncertain future for Cycle England and Bikeability

Cycling is for everyone

One of the bodies that appears about to be thrown onto the “bonfire of the quangos” is Cycle England. With it would go Bikeability, the peculiarly named body responsible (among other things) for what most people would recognise as the cycle competency test. READ ON

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Guest post: Sky Ride UK

Ride the lights

This is our first ever guest post (with more in the coming weeks). We asked for interesting article suggestions from our Facebook community and Gill Roylance suggested and then wrote this great article about her experiences cycling and on Sky Rides. Thanks Gill!


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Bikepedia – bike bits explained


What do the words ”hubs”, “rims”, “stem”, “dropbar” have in common? Give up? The answer is that they all appear within the description of a 1975 vintage Peugeot racer listed for sale on Going Going Bike and are technical words which might confuse or simply not be known by many people browsing the auctions. READ ON

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SkyRide London: London Marathon for bikes without the bleeding nipples


Yesterday’s SkyRide in central London had more in common with the London Marathon than just the breezy and occasionally showery conditions which you often experience in April for the world famous 26.2 mile event. READ ON

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Cycling, charity and cool


Cool cycle challenges, pop up shops, designer collaborations and all for the benefit of the planet? That’s right it’s the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF).  READ ON

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Level 3 cycling


I know how to cycle…. or so I thought. But after a cycling lesson from Graham Hills of Biker’s Delight I’m now not so sure!


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Bikes, charities and fun

Oli Broom

Lots of people are getting on their bikes to raise money for charity. This we fully encourage! Even the GB volleyball team is getting in on the action. The great thing is the ideas everyone has come up with on top of riding a long distance.


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11/09/2010 // Tour of Britain

The 2010 Tour of Britain will once again take place over eight days, beginning in Rochdale on Saturday 11th September and finishing at the heart of London on Saturday 18th September....
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