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Cycle Hiring is Go!

Row of Boris Bikes 2

My membership key has arrived in the post and I am now ready to get cycle hiring. However, because I am off on holiday for a week my first hire will have to wait. It also gives me a further week to worry about whether I am going to be tainted by the TfL cyclist brush and lose my urban cycling credibility. READ ON

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Going Going Bike – Fantasy Vuelta League


After all our efforts to create the best fantasy cycling team for the Vuelta a Espana in the Roadcc Fantasy Vuelta Competition we have got competitive. We’ve decided to challenge you to put together a better team and enter it in … Continue reading

20/08/2010 // INFO 1 Comment

Fantasy Vuelta 2010


Who would imagine that picking my fantasy team of riders for Road CC Fantasy Vuelta 2010 could be so exhausting? I feel mentally and physically drained. Almost as if I have completed stage 8 of this year’s race which heads up … Continue reading

19/08/2010 // INFO 1 Comment

Procycling roundup – The “what” Tour?


The Eneco Tour ain’t the most high profile in the UCI Pro-Tour calendar. It’s probably not surprising that an event that follows the Tour de France and is held the week before the Vuelta D’Espana does not get too many … Continue reading

18/08/2010 // INFO 1 Comment

TfL cyclist – a new underclass?

Row of Boris Bikes

The hierarchy on the streets of London appears to have been disrupted with the introduction of the Boris Bikes. Previously the car was king, pedestrians were given the freedom of the pavements (with limited rights across the highway) and cyclists … Continue reading

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GGB and Boris Bikes to be united!

Cycle Hire Photo

Going Going Bike has registered as a user of the Boris Bikes. I suppose it is a little belated but because we cycle around town on our own two wheels we didn’t feel the need before. The attraction of a … Continue reading

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Redbridge Sky Ride

Skyride AN

You might not have thought that the Redbridge Sky Ride would be the best place to see some of the hottest cycling kit, and (aside from a couple of nice fixed gear bikes on show) you would have been right.

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Have you met Tom the Talking Bike?

Episode 1

Going Going Bike is all about the bike! Imagine our sense of good fortune when we met Tom the Talking Bike…have a look at his YOUTUBE video of him making friends! There should be more videos of Tom to follow!

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Chatting with Ken


We had a chat with Ken Livingstone on LBC radio 97.3 this morning. As you do! Was really interesting and covered wide range of cycling issues including South Bank cycling ban, superhighways, increase in cyclists and even bicycle number plates!

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Bike accessories – some good, some bad

yes or no

Everyone has a favourite bike accessory or part. There are some bits of kit that just seem to make life so much easier / safer / more convenient etc!

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[...] I am off on holiday for a week my first hire will have to wait. It also gi
GoingGoingBike - Blog on TfL cyclist - a new underclass?

[...] at a severe disadvantage because we have revealed our team selection metho
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[...] French team not to register a stage victory). I’ve also found room f
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Cycle Hiring is Go!

Going Going Bike - Fantasy Vuelta League

Cycle Lifestyle

Fantasy Vuelta 2010

Procycling roundup - The "what" Tour?

TfL cyclist - a new underclass?

GGB and Boris Bikes to be united!

Redbridge Sky Ride

Have you met Tom the Talking Bike?

Chatting with Ken


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