May 172012
GGB Wedding

Activity at Going Going Bike will be at its minimum over the next few days as the whole team decamp to Riga in Latvia to attend the Wedding of one of our colleagues.

Going Going Bike’s Co-Founder Andrew Nethercot is getting married to his girlfriend Rita Tetere this Saturday.

As you’d expect the whole team is attending the wedding to see them tie the knot. This means there will be no Wheelie Good Round-Up this Saturday with blogging activity returning next week.

From the rest of the team here at Going Going Bike, we’d like to wish Andrew and Rita all the best as they get on their saddles for the onward journey as a married couple!!

  2 Responses to “Wedding bells ring at GGB”

  1. Really mucks around with the training weekend; thoroughly anti-social.

    Sunday morning casual ride anyone?

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