Jul 242011
Vote for Going Going Bike Now

We have been shortlisted in the Metro Newspaper and Venture Candy competition to find Britain’s most innovative new enterprises. We really want to win and would love your support. Please click here to vote for us now.

To convince you to vote for us we will publish one blog article each day explaining why we think we should win. If you are persuaded please vote for us now.

Because you’re unique

And we think that cycling kit should also be unique. That’s why we have curated a selection of awesome designers on Going Going Bike.

These designers bring flair, individuality, craftsmanship and quality to the world of cycling that we love and that are hard to find elsewhere. You can find the growing number of unique designers in our webstore pages.

If you want to express your individuality whilst cycling then please vote for us in the Venture Candy competition.

In addition, please forward this link to all your friends who love cycling and ask them to vote for us too.

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