May 052012
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Welcome to our usual weekend round-up of what’s topical, hot and not in the biking world. Enjoy!

Loud and clear

The bike bell is wonderful but does it really get the attention of a motorist when we cycle out on the road. For most of us the answer is no, which is why one inventor has developed a bicycle equipped with a horn that is louder than a plane when it passes overhead. The bike, which is called the Hornster, emits 178 decibels. According to its maker, London-based Yannick Read, the Hornster’s level of sound is so powerful that if used in anger it could deafen any motorist who veers too close. Yannick has specially adapted a Dutch style bike so it can accommodate a triple air horn. The horn’s sound power comes from a scuba diving cylinder, which is also located on the bike. We’re not sure about the legality of the horn but it is a great bit of bike design by Yannick.

Dog bike guard

Who needs a bike lock when your friendly canine friend can be your bike guard for you. The video below of Li Li, a bike loving mutt, guarding his master’s bike in city of Nanning in the Guangxi Province of China has gone viral this week. So much so that Li Li now has his own website put together by the man who shot the original video. Despite this dog’s ability to ward off potential thieves, we suggest your stick to two good locks here in Blighty.

Riding those rails

We’ve heard of an integrated approach to rail and bicycle transport but actually using a bike to ride on train rails is maybe taking that approach a bit too far. One US cyclist, Will, does this regularly with his Rail-Bike. The front wheel on Will’s modified bicycle has a device attached to it so that the bike won’t steer off the rail while an outrigger is used to support the bike using the other rail (see picture below). Let’s hope there isn’t a train coming the other way for Will’s sake.

Motion activated signalling

If cycling at night, we’d always advise on getting a high viz cycling jacket. You get seen by other road users better in high viz when it is dark. We sell the Proviz brand here on Going Going Bike but that doesn’t stop us looking at innovation in this area. This week, Visijax launched their jacket with the world’s first motion-activated signalling system. The Visijax jacket detects movement so when a cyclist raises their arm to indicate, an amber flashing signal is automatically turned on. The flashing signal remains on for around five seconds after a cyclist has put down their arm to allow sufficient time for them to turn safely. For additional cyclist safety, there are LED lights on the back of the jacket. The complete system is powered by three AAA batteries. A ‘one-touch’ button placed in the front of the jacket activates all the lights and the motion-activated signalling system.

Bike greeting card

If you have a loved one, family member, friend who loves cycling as much as you then you know it always quite easy to buy them gifts for their Birthdays or Christmas. Buying a cycling themed greeting card is a bit more problematic however. Luckily, mountain biker, artist and graphic designer Anthony Oram has recently put together a collection of bike themed cards that are available to buy from his website. We think it perfectly rounds off any cycling gift that you plan to give.

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