Feb 182012
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Hope you enjoy out usual collection of the more wonderful and weird bite-sized nuggets from the biking world.

Bicycle Aerobatics

There is trick and stunt cycling and then there is Ines Brunn. This German lady, who now lives in China and runs a bicycle shop in Beijing, is known the world over for her displays of artistic cycling. In other words, her fixed gear bike is a moving prop for some more gymnastic forms of riding. The video below shows off some of her moves and her motivations for riding a bike as well deciding to live in China. She is truly one inspiring woman.

What type of cyclist are you

We all love our bikes but we have differing levels of obsession with the bicycles we ride and the type of cycling we do. Rich from the wonderful Bike Farts of a Bike Tart blog has had a go at trying to classify what type of cycling obsessive exists out there. We just love to ride here at GGB but you may be different. See which category of rider most describes you from Rich’s blog post or you may want to suggest a new one to him.

What does a cyclist do

We love this little photo image about the different perceptions that people may have of us as cyclists on the road. It hits the nail right on the head.

A helmet that folds

Cycling helmets are great for protecting your head if you choose to wear one but they are a bit of a pain to carry around. If you are a commuter, it would be nice if you could fit one into your bag without it taking up all the space in it. French design studio Agency 360 may have come up with a solution with their Overade bicycle helmet. The helmet can be folded in half to a more compact size. The Overade is yet to go into formal production as more safety tests are required but the helmet is thought to offer the same amount of protection as a normal helmet. Agency 360 have a background in bike design having worked with Look Cycles and being involved in the design of the MY16 folding bike.

Never too old to attempt a record

Last week, we brought you a story of a 90 year old still out and about cycling (an incredible 6,000 miles). This week, we carry along a story with a similar vein though this time a world record by a 100 year old cyclist. French cyclist Robert Marchand has set a new age group world record for the hour. Riding at the Aigle velodrome in France, Robert rode 24.251 kilometres within the hour. Mr Marchand’s name is synonymous with France’s cyclo-sportif events, even having a mountain pass named after him. Chapeau Robert.

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