Dec 072011
SPiNe Bike

We’ve featured a bike lock that is integral to the design of the bike itself on GGB before but a new bike design called the SPiNe has taken the concept a step forward with a much simpler take on the idea.

The SPiNe bike has a top tube that can be removed away from the seat tube and locked around a secure piece of street furniture before being fastened onto a lock mechanism on the bikes handlebars.

Flexible top tube

The top tube lock design is the work of Israeli industrial design graduate Ronen Spector. His removable top tube is made with articulated hinges to give it the right amount of flexibility to use as a lock as well as being a sturdy element of the bike frame itself.

When the bike is locked, the bike frame collapses giving the appearance of a broken bike, which is obviously not appealing to a bike thief. If said bike thief tries to cut the lock or damage it in anyway, he/she wouldn’t able to ride the bike away as it would be unridable without a top tube.

As Ronen explains: “The spine provides stability for the body and can also damage the body strength, so damage to the locking mechanism (which is a part of the bicycle frame) will damage the structure.”

Working concept

To ride the bike again the owner merely fastens the top tube lock back onto a lock mechanism on the seat tube. Ronen has taken the design concept through to an actual working bicycle as seen in the video below.

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