Sep 142012
Emily Finch Cargo Bike

We really think all mum’s and dad’s doing their school runs in car should follow the example of Emily Finch from Portland, Oregon.

Emily, a mum of six, takes her five children (plus a friend’s child) to school on a most extraordinary bicycle contraption (see picture above).

The basis of this bicycle machine is a cargo bicycle that Emily rides. In the cargo bit of the bike, she carries her three youngest children, Maya, Olivia and Ben as well as the family friend.

Behind Emily’s seat on the cargo bike, sits her second eldest daughter Lucy on a child seat. Last but not least is Mary on a bike that is attached to mum’s cargo bike.

Her remaining child, Nathan, who is 11, has his own bike and follows mum and his siblings to school on that bike.

More details about Emily’s bike and pictures can be found on the blog. The photo used above is ©J. Maus/BikePortland

Hat’s off to Emily. We hope parents here in the UK take note.

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