Mar 092011
Olympic Cycling Events

Tickets for all the London 2012 events go on sale next week (15 March) and so I wanted to find out whether cycling will be a good value event to watch. It’s going to be difficult to choose which events to attend but price will be one of the determining factors for many people.

As a result we asked the boffins at GGB HQ to undertake an analysis of the cost of attending the 2012 cycling events.

The key stats are:

- 13 days of cycling events

- 35 sessions (an event can be made up of several “sessions”, eg qualifying, round 1, final etc)

- 4 venues

- 4 events can be watched for no cost (Mens and Women Road and Time-Trial races).

This is more than any other discipline and accounts for 33% of all the free events at the Games (the others are: Archery, Marathon, Walk and part of the Triathlon event)

- £280 is the minimum cost to attend each cycling session. This is £8 per session.

- £2925 is the cost of paying top dollar for each cycling session (1045% more expensive than taking the cheapest option). This is £84 per session.

- Better value than other disciplines. (eg. average cost of the cheapest tickets for diving is £35. Average cost for most expensive tickets for diving is £259).

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