Jan 302012

With just under six months to go until the London Olympics kick off, the excitement of the event is steadily building. As well as being a celebration of sporting excellence, LOCOG has been keen to make these games a cultural Olympiad as well.

In association with BT, LOCOG set up the Storyteller series which brings together writers, social networkers, amateur photographers, film-makers and artists to muse on their feelings, thoughts and opinions in the run up to games.

One such storyteller is Tom Mallion, a film maker, who has been keen to document the experience of the games by travelling across the UK on his bike.

Tom has been making a series of films called Two Wheel Docs that sees him interview various people involved in the Games. So far Tom has completed three video documentaries. You can view them on the Storyteller site here. With six months to go, look out for more from Tom via his own website.

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