Dec 222011
Smiley Bike

Today we feature a guest blog from Beth Anderson, a very active voice in the cycling twitterati and wider London cycling community. Beth cycled when she was young and mountain biked at university but her love affair with riding a bicycle really started after moving to London. After buying an upright Dutch bicycle, Beth fell in love with cycling as a means of transport and a way of life and is now the proud owner of a self-built fixed-gear bicycle. Continue reading »

Nov 182011
New Forest Cycling

Increasing numbers of cyclists getting out and using the roads on the weekends for leisure and sportive cycling is a good thing, yes? Well it is good news for most of us, but some residents in the New Forest want to see a crackdown on the number of cyclists using the area’s roads during the weekend. Continue reading »

Nov 072011

We’ve blogged about how cycling potentially affects the quality of a man’s fertility before but what about male impotence. It is one of those cycling issues that retain an aspect of urban myth with riders unsure really whether long-term bike riding really causes sexual dysfunction in men. Continue reading »

Oct 272011
Photo credit: Fixed Gear London Blog

As anyone who has played Mario Kart on the Nintendo will testify, one of the fun elements of the game is to try and beat your mates’ times in a time trial around one of the courses. A phone app that is currently in beta mode is attempting to mimic this experience by turning your physical ride/run/skate into an interactive video game. Continue reading »

Oct 262011
Biking Robot

Robotics have come a long way since car maker Honda began its research and development program to create robots capable of interacting successfully with humans in 1986. These days’ robots are autonomous beings with artificial intelligence that can learn and adapt human behaviour. So it should be no surprise that someone has developed a robot to ride a bike. Continue reading »