May 142012

Last year, we reported on plans by the Welsh Government to legally oblige Welsh local authorities to provide cycling and walking routes in the legislative cycle of this Welsh Assembly. The Labour-controlled Welsh Government has been true to its word and has now released more detailed plans in a White Paper. Continue reading »

Dec 062011
Cycling Marshes

Taking a leaf out of what the Netherlands does in terms of cycle infrastructure or anything is never a bad thing, so it is great to see damaged land being reclaimed here in the UK and being put to good use to generate cycling take-up. In Lincolnshire, a three year project has just been launched to regenerate Lincolnshire’s coastal grazing marshes. Continue reading »

Oct 252011
Mark Foster, London 2012 Mascot Mandeville, Transport for London's Director of Better Routes and Places, Ben Plowden, Carl Pittam, Sustrans' London Director, and London 2012 Mascot Wenlock.

The Olympics are not too far away with just under nine months to go before events kick off at the Olympic Stadium on July 27. A great deal has been made by the organsiers that these games will be a walk and bike friendly Olympics in terms of spectators getting to the games. Continue reading »

Jul 222011

If you’ve never ridden a bike to work on a regular basis commuting by bike can bring up many challenges. Having worked from home for a number of years, I travelled into Going Going Bike office’s in London by bike for the whole of the last week, experiencing the many trials and tribulations of the early morning and evening cycle commute for the first time. Continue reading »