Dec 062011
Cycling Marshes

Taking a leaf out of what the Netherlands does in terms of cycle infrastructure or anything is never a bad thing, so it is great to see damaged land being reclaimed here in the UK and being put to good use to generate cycling take-up. In Lincolnshire, a three year project has just been launched to regenerate Lincolnshire’s coastal grazing marshes. Continue reading »

Nov 302011

This week has seen the Department for Transport (DfT) publish a literature review on how the UK’s road infrastructure influences cycling casualties. The DfT asked the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to undertake the review that looks at how cycle accidents happen and can be reduced. Continue reading »

Jul 222011

If you’ve never ridden a bike to work on a regular basis commuting by bike can bring up many challenges. Having worked from home for a number of years, I travelled into Going Going Bike office’s in London by bike for the whole of the last week, experiencing the many trials and tribulations of the early morning and evening cycle commute for the first time. Continue reading »