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As cycling has become more and more popular over recent times so, it seems, has the need to distinguish yourself from the crowd. And while it is probably not everyone’s cup of tea the one thing the BikeGlow certainly does is make you stand out.
And that is exactly what it is meant to do..

The 10ft (approx. 3m) electroluminescent tube coils around your frame making you visible from all directions. Make no mistake it is not a substitute for front and rear lights but it hugely improves your side-on visibility as the video below demonstrates:

Fully waterproof

It is fully waterproof which, let’s be fair, is rather important during the dark drizzle of a British winter and also has three modes: steady, flash and fast flash. The battery life varies according to the mode you use but on steady mode you can expect to get around 50 hours of life up to 120 hours with it flashing. Oh and it comes with one year warranty.

Sprint Auction

Picture courtesy of jnyyz

Easy installation

It has a Velcro housing for the battery pack and the tube can be connected by cable ties (included) or tape depending on what you want to use. The installation only took me a couple of minutes, well worth it in my view.

It normally costs £19.99, is available in 8 different colours and you can find it in their webstore, but this Friday it will be loaded into the Sprint Auction where you will be able to get it for much less!

So come get involved and get visible.

What’s the Auction Format?

The format will be the same as usual:

  • The Lot will be a BikeGlow in a colour of your choice.
  • The bidding will start at £5 with small increments of £2 and there will be NO reserve price set.
  • The auction will run from 12.30pm until 4.30pm at which point the winner will be contacted and arrangements made for delivery.
  • The auction will take place in the GGB Sprint Auction Store

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