Aug 312011
Bike Inside Bus

Cyclists will be allowed to put their bikes on buses in some Scottish bus routes in a pioneering trial from transport operator First Group.

Cyclists will be able to board First Group bus services with their bikes in Glasgow, Aberdeen and services that connect eastern Scotland. The trial for the bike on bus scheme is due to start in the autumn.

Only after 7pm

Bikes will be parked in the space occupied by baby buggies or wheelchairs if the space is not occupied by those items and only after 7pm when passenger traffic on the buses are less busy. Only one bike will be carried per bus.

Mark Savelli, First Group’s regional managing director for Scotland,  told the Scotsman newspaper that cycles would be carried for free initially, though a charge of £1 could be considered if the trial is successful.

“We should be seeing cyclists as a friend not a foe – buses and bikes often just try to avoid each other. We could help encourage people to cycle, knowing they would not have to go back home in the dark and wet.”


First Group’s move follows a campaign in the Scottish Parliament to get Scottish bus companies to carry bikes on their vehicles, whether inside or strapped to buses. Earlier this year, Green Lothians MSP Alison Johnstone put forward a motion in the Scottish Parliament calling on bus firms to provide bike racks for both leisure and everyday journeys.

Blog photo used courtesy of Dave Holladay. David has also been kind enough to add some comments on the subject of bikes on buses below.

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