Feb 112011

A major cycling conference for London has been announced with discussions centred on identifying barriers to ambition for investment in cycling and to consider the value of some recent relevant investments and ideas.

The London Cycling Conference: Policies and Practice for Promoting Pedalling, which will take place on Wednesday April 13th, will be designed for learning and allows for interaction amongst the participants through workshops.

Subjects being discussed include: The localism agenda and the Local Sustainable Transport Fund; superhighways and hire schemes; smarter travel programmes.

The main focus of the workshops will be the experience of these initiatives in different places, the data used to monitor their success, and the extent to which this experience is capable of wider transferability.

The conference is being held at London South Bank University and will cost attendees £150 per person, including lunch and refreshments. A limited number of places are available for representatives of voluntary groups, at the concessionary rate of £75 per person. (Apply before Wednesday March 16th). A booking form can be found here.

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